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3D Animation Services

On Greyman Studios creativity, entertainment and technology come together to bring to life a wide variety of transmedia experiences, including video games, feature films, short films, visual effects and more. We have been qualified as a JEI (standing for Young Innovative Company in spanish) by AENOR, so we are aware that investing in research and development translates into new content and improvements in production. Greyman has more to offer to companies than ever before!

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“A fine work of art has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place.”

Robert McKee


Transmedia is not about adapting a story to different channels (both physical and digital ones) but telling each different side of the same story by means of each separate channel, complementing each other and giving an active role to the consumer.

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Our team has a broad experience in audiovisual projects, including several Goya awards and one Oscar nomination on animation feature films. Our profiles and trajectories allow us to take on big budget project as well as small productions.

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Advergames are a new marketing tool for promoting a product or service. It is about developing a video game that help advertise the brand, product or service by creating experiences for the user.

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