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xoEl: an indie puzzle video game

NOW ON You’re trapped in a box! The gameplay is very simple. Just roll the box and step into special cells to change the colour of the sides so you can clear the platforms by getting through the exit holes. There are also cells that will activate mechanics like bridges and free other trapped partners…. View Article

Animatic editing for Welcome Monster High

Greyman Studios has cooperated with Flaunt Productions in the making and Animatic editing for the first feature film that the Scotish film studio has signed with Mattel. Flaunt Productions is a young studio, related to Axis Animation, which has been a referent in the production of cutscenes for videogames and visual effects for years. The agreement with the multinational… View Article

Hospital Friends

Greyman Studios launches its line of corporative social responsibility with the “Hospital Friends” videogame, in colaboration with the NGO Asociación Alumnos Universitarios Tendiendo Puentes from the Faculty of Medicine of Granada. This NGO’s purpose is to carry out different activities aimed at hospitalised children so that they lose their fear to surgery rooms. Greyman contributes… View Article

Eject:Play – video game prototype

EJECT:PLAY is a 3D adventure video game prototype in which we must survive in a giant world of salt as we explore in search for resources and fight against scavenger robots. The project has been developed under the cooperation between Greyman Studios and David Cabrera, the original idea’s authors and artistic director of the game…. View Article

Servicio de animacion mocap

Another day of life

Servicio de animación para la película documental “Another day of life”, una coproducción hispano polaca de Kanaki films y Plaatige Image. Greyman Studios animó varias secuencias. Se usaron los datos obtenidos de la captura de movimiento del cuerpo de los actores (conocido como técnica “mocap”), se corrigieron los defectos que presentaban y se le añadió… View Article

Unity plugin: Off Screen Indicator

Asset Store Description Requires Unity 5.3.2 or higher. Off Screen Indicator is a plugin for Unity  and easily configurable system to handle UI indicators on-screen and off-screen, it allows to use any sprite, and also rotates the sprite if we are using any arrow image. It can display UI in a Canvas or in 3D World… View Article