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Hospital Friends

  • Presentación de la app Hospital Friends

    Foto de ANDREA G. PARRA

Greyman Studios launches its line of corporative social responsibility with the “Hospital Friends” videogame, in colaboration with the NGO Asociación Alumnos Universitarios Tendiendo Puentes from the Faculty of Medicine of Granada. This NGO’s purpose is to carry out different activities aimed at hospitalised children so that they lose their fear to surgery rooms.

Greyman contributes to this project with a videogame for IOS and Android, mobile devices, that adapts a children’s story which has been physically published in paper by this NGO to an interactive fiction format. This story, written by José David Cózar, a Medicine student, is the story of a child in the operating table, surrounded by tools that make him very uneasy and frightened. Suddenly, this tools come to life and Alex slowly starts to trust them and feels better.

Aditionally, the app includes a videogame based in this story- You can visit the project’s webpage at The app is to be downloaded completely for free by the children and it is open to sponsorship by any brand or company that so whishes.