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Animatic editing for Welcome Monster High

Greyman Studios has cooperated with Flaunt Productions in the making and Animatic editing for the first feature film that the Scotish film studio has signed with Mattel. Flaunt Productions is a young studio, related to Axis Animation, which has been a referent in the production of cutscenes for videogames and visual effects for years. The agreement with the multinational… View Article

Servicio de animacion mocap

Another day of life

Servicio de animación para la película documental “Another day of life”, una coproducción hispano polaca de Kanaki films y Plaatige Image. Greyman Studios animó varias secuencias. Se usaron los datos obtenidos de la captura de movimiento del cuerpo de los actores (conocido como técnica “mocap”), se corrigieron los defectos que presentaban y se le añadió… View Article

Alhambra Quest, transmedia storytelling production from Greyman Studios

Alhambra Quest: a transmedia experience

Alhambra Quest is a transmedia storytelling production made in Greyman Studios. A whole experience that allows user engage with a magic story both on the streets of the ancient muslim town of Granada and on the web, Twitter profiles, an animation webseries (available in spanish and english) and the official app (for mobile devices IOS… View Article

2D Animatic editing for “Run Ozzy Run”

Our editor and founder, Claudio Hernández, collaborated in the 2D Animatic editing of “Run Ozzy Run”. He made the previsualization of the whole movie in the 2D animatic stage. This venture is a project by Capitán Araña in Spain and Tangent Animation in Canada and will be released in  October 2016. Alberto Rodríguez will be in… View Article

The Love Sorcerer by Victor Ullate, projections by Greyman Studios

Motion graphics for performing arts

This is a case of graphic design of the motion graphics applied to performing arts: “The love sorcerer“, a modern dance installment from Víctor Ullate dance production company. These graphics were conceived to be projected onto the scenary. The work included the making of 3D model, animation, particle systems and 2d motion graphics. It was… View Article

Zombrains - Producción propia de Greyman Studio

Zombrains – webseries and video game

Zombrains is now under fund rising! The world as we know it is over, zombies are all over the planet… and they created their own society! Humans are now a bothersome plague. Ed lives with his uncle, getting by the daily life of a teenage zombie. He and his lifelong friends (or deathlong friends?) will… View Article