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Eject:Play – video game prototype

EJECT:PLAY is a 3D adventure video game prototype in which we must survive in a giant world of salt as we explore in search for resources and fight against scavenger robots. The project has been developed under the cooperation between Greyman Studios and David Cabrera, the original idea’s authors and artistic director of the game…. View Article

Porjections for Oscar, the sleeping boy by angel calvente - Greyman Studios

Projections for Oscar, the sleeping boy

Work developed for the theatre production company El Espejo Negro, owned by the acclaimed director Angel Calvente. Greyman Studios made the graphic design, mixing 2D and 3D techniques, conceived for the projection over the scenary using mappings. The piece is a mix of real actor and puppets that creates several layers of reality, going from… View Article

3d animation for advertisement of Max sin Lactosa de Puleva - Greyman Studios

Character design, animation and integration for Puleva “sin lactosa” commercial

Comprehensive 3d animation for advertisement purposes, including a brand new character’s desing, one that is coherent with the previous designs and the brand’s aimed image, adapted to the product’s target audience (along with a study of its look & feel, modelling and expressions), together with the character’s animation and digital incorporation in live action scenes. El… View Article

TV spot for promotion of an NGO race

TV spot for local broadcasters for the promotion of urban race in favour of a local NGO.

Video game for Danone with augmented reality

Programming of various minigames for children for Danonino, developed for the “professions” campaign. Client: Danone and Forma Animada. Danino is an ambitious project that comprises: 6 mini games with different skins. Main container for the former Danonino apps. Vuforia’s pattern recognition (focusing the device’s camera at the physical bottle) to unlock the content. Augmented reality… View Article

Character design, animation and compositing for Puleva MAX commercial

Comprehensive 3D animation service for advertising purposes: Character design, including the look & feel, facial expressions and modelling, animation and digital incorporation in live action scenes. Client: AVASS/Blur