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Injoo overboard

Commercial Production service for an advertising spot. Working from a creative briefing from Injoo, Greyman Studios carried out the filming, production and postproduction services, including edition, correction and mastering.

3d animation for advertisement of Max sin Lactosa de Puleva - Greyman Studios

Character design, animation and integration for Puleva “sin lactosa” commercial

Comprehensive 3d animation for advertisement purposes, including a brand new character’s desing, one that is coherent with the previous designs and the brand’s aimed image, adapted to the product’s target audience (along with a study of its look & feel, modelling and expressions), together with the character’s animation and digital incorporation in live action scenes. El… View Article

Motion graphics for ALT+I+FOOD’s institutional video

Spot for the agency Babydog, the Provincial Government of Granada and Huéscar’s town hall. It is an institutional work with 3D elements made with Blender and a later live action integration of these elements as textures and layers, as well as the incorporation of motion graphics . The video explains the role that the Cluster… View Article

TV spot for promotion of an NGO race

TV spot for local broadcasters for the promotion of urban race in favour of a local NGO.

Character design, animation and compositing for Puleva MAX commercial

Comprehensive 3D animation service for advertising purposes: Character design, including the look & feel, facial expressions and modelling, animation and digital incorporation in live action scenes. Client: AVASS/Blur