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Eject:Play – video game prototype

EJECT:PLAY is a 3D adventure video game prototype in which we must survive in a giant world of salt as we explore in search for resources and fight against scavenger robots. The project has been developed under the cooperation between Greyman Studios and David Cabrera, the original idea’s authors and artistic director of the game…. View Article

Alhambra Quest, transmedia storytelling production from Greyman Studios

Alhambra Quest: a transmedia experience

Alhambra Quest is a transmedia storytelling production made in Greyman Studios. A whole experience that allows user engage with a magic story both on the streets of the ancient muslim town of Granada and on the web, Twitter profiles, an animation webseries (available in spanish and english) and the official app (for mobile devices IOS… View Article

Zombrains - Producción propia de Greyman Studio

Zombrains – webseries and video game

Zombrains is now under fund rising! The world as we know it is over, zombies are all over the planet… and they created their own society! Humans are now a bothersome plague. Ed lives with his uncle, getting by the daily life of a teenage zombie. He and his lifelong friends (or deathlong friends?) will… View Article