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Alhambra Quest VR - an Oculus rift development by Greyman Studios

Alhambra Quest VR

Alhambra Quest VR is a Greyman Studios Oculus rift development that aims to prove the virtual reality’s possibilities apllied to a classical action and platforming game. It combines the classical interaction with a game controller —in this case, Microsoft’s Xbox controller— and, in the other hand, the Oculus Rift headset. The player has to control a… View Article

Video game for Danone with augmented reality

Programming of various minigames for children for Danonino, developed for the “professions” campaign. Client: Danone and Forma Animada. Danino is an ambitious project that comprises: 6 mini games with different skins. Main container for the former Danonino apps. Vuforia’s pattern recognition (focusing the device’s camera at the physical bottle) to unlock the content. Augmented reality… View Article