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Servicio de animacion mocap

Another day of life

Servicio de animación para la película documental “Another day of life”, una coproducción hispano polaca de Kanaki films y Plaatige Image. Greyman Studios animó varias secuencias. Se usaron los datos obtenidos de la captura de movimiento del cuerpo de los actores (conocido como técnica “mocap”), se corrigieron los defectos que presentaban y se le añadió… View Article

Injoo overboard

Commercial Production service for an advertising spot. Working from a creative briefing from Injoo, Greyman Studios carried out the filming, production and postproduction services, including edition, correction and mastering.

The Love Sorcerer by Victor Ullate, projections by Greyman Studios

Motion graphics for performing arts

This is a case of graphic design of the motion graphics applied to performing arts: “The love sorcerer“, a modern dance installment from Víctor Ullate dance production company. These graphics were conceived to be projected onto the scenary. The work included the making of 3D model, animation, particle systems and 2d motion graphics. It was… View Article

visual effects studio demo - Greyman Studios

Visual effects demo

Greyman Studios as a visual effects studio has developed several R&D projects for visual effects destined to feature films, shortfilms and television. Our technique includes modelling, animation, illumination and element composition integrated in real life image using both propietary software and open source tools such a Blender y Natron. We make people forget about the real world and captivate them by the magic… View Article