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At the moment, Spain is exporting and collaborating in many feature animation films. It’s one of the industries that is exporting the most. The amount of titles published both inside and outside of our borders is a clear sign of how relevant this format is becoming in these last few years. From Spain, Greyman has participated in 4 feature films in just 2 years: “Another day in life”, “Ozzy, run”, “Welcome to Monster High” and “Top Cat begins”.

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Our skills in feature animation films

In feature animation films, static images are given movement and life by means of specialised techniques. This art’s essence lingers in the fact that there is no real movement being recorded.

Traditionally, this art has always been hand crafted, using drawings, models, puppets and any other object the artists could imagine. Creativity is boundless. Now, thanks to technology, we can create those static images digitally, which offers a lot more possibilities and makes the job easier.

When those static images we created are projected sequentially, it creates an illusion of movement.

There are numerous kinds of animation films depending on the techniques or objects it uses.

Greyman Studios has an extensive background in animation project managment and uses the latest techniques to bring to life anything the customer needs.

We work on every platform to offer every technique available in the animation market. 2D & 3D Animatics editing (offline and mastering),  3D animation, “flash” style, realistic and mocap animation, stop-motion…

We give life and soul to the stories we tell, and we put our own soul into them.

We also work with copywriters and audiovisual graphic designers, experts in adapting our corporative image to the story we want to tell.

Our experience in the animation sector is especially extensive. Members of our team have taken part in renowned productions such as “The Missing Lynx”, awarded with a Goya for best animated feature film in 2008, “The Lady and the Reaper”, awarded with a Goya and one Oscar nomination for best short animated film in 2010, and “Justin and the Knights of Valour”, which got one Goya nomination in 2013 in the category of best animated feature film.


Our feature films