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Gamification and video games


The concept of gamification is not new, but it has become more relevant as the interest video games awakens in different businesses and companies arises, for they see in gamification a great opportunity to promote their products or services. This is developing services that are right for modern direct marketers. But advertisement is not the only application of gamification: the educational sector is becoming increasingly interested in it as well. Gamification is about turning an experience into a game. It doesn’t necessarily involve advertising.

What we offer in Gamification

Oculus Rift

Alhambra Quest VR - Juego de realidad virtual de Greyman Studios

In our 3D animation studio we develop video games for the Oculus virtual reality headset, the most popular model in the market at the moment as it features native development in Unity environment with a large community of users. New VR headset such as Samsung VR, HTC Vive or Steam VR are also supported by Greyman in incoming projects. No doubt about VR is the big bet in entertainment industry. It means the revolution of the concept we had regarding immersion. It’s not yet a product of massive consumption but it’s a great opportunity for brands to set themselves apart in events and marketing actions. 3D animation, environment design, sound, 360 storytelling, total interactivity… all these elements meet in the ambitious VR concept.

Augmented reality

The gamification with augmented reality is game changer in marketing actions. Any user with an average phone it’s part of your potential audience. Using pattern recognition and motion tracking technologies in the camera of the device, apps with augmented reality are able to integrate 3D graphics assets in the picture. Combining this with the GPS, interconnection and transmedia the gamification for marketing can engage users with a powerful content and a strong call to action.


Advergaming is the perfect way to put your brand into game, literally! Users will play and have fun with it. Interaction: this is a great approach and power way to reach your audience. Your branded graphics assets along pets and characters will create a video game with a very meaningful link with your target.

Apps for gamification in marketing campaigns it’s affordable of all brands and companies. With many marketplaces where apps can be downloaded for free for end users such as Google’s Play Store and Apple’s Apps Store.


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