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Video game consoles and smartphones have taken video games closer to a wider range of profiles and ages.

Advergames are a new marketing tool for promoting a product or service.

It is about developing a video game that helps advertise the brand, product or service by creating experiences for the user.

This is a useful tool for companies, as it allows them to get their message across to the consumer in a ludic and interactive way.

The video game boom in the past few decades has promoted the development of games made for the specific purpose of advertising a brand, as the characteristics they offer are very appealing for advertisers:

The time of contact between the brand and the consumer is much longer.

It is more interactive, and thus, the identification with the brand is also greater.

There are several levels of relationship between the client and the brand depending on the video game’s complexity.

The use of mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets make advergames a strategic tool for the brands that want to distinguish themselves from the rest by generating a high valued experience for the consumer.

What sets us apart

On Greyman Studios we are experts in storytelling, animation and 3D graphics, experts in keeping different platforms in mind when we work, as well as in video game development. In short, we have the necessary experience in every discipline needed to carry out a good advergaming project.

Besides, we implement the necessary tools to analyze and evaluate the audience to orientate our actions into attracting leads, customer loyalty, branding…



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