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Augmented reality vs Virtual reality


Many customers have the same question as you: What is Augmented reality vs Virtual reality? The first (AR) tries to expand our perception of the world through the camera of a device, mainly by means: cellphones, tablets, computers… The latter replaces the entire environment around us by projecting real time graphics in the lenses of our headset, also accompained by sound to get the maximum effect.

Augmented reality vs Virtual reality: AR for Danonino in Greyman Studios

The main difference between augmented reality and virtual reality is superposition. Data is superposed on the real world, combining virtual reality with the natural world.

When led to its maximum, the best example are the Google Glasses and the Microsoft’s Hololens which allow you to see the real world while adding suplementary information and data. In the last few years, companies have witnessed how they could enhance their advertising communications by means of this kind of technology thanks to the increasing influence of smartphones in our daily lives. Dynamic ads, client interaction and promotional tools are just some examples of the applications of augmented reality.

Developing augmented reality is not particularly expensive, so it is within a medium business’ budget. As always, creativity is the key to surprise and seduce the customers.

We are also immersed in researching and developing for virtual reality. Besides the Oculus Rift device, there have been other efforts to develop VR hardware by HTC, Samsung or Sony that will also be marketed throughout 2016.

Although these devices are initially developed with video games in mind, they are also really appealing for other sectors, such as education.

What to choose in augmented reality vs virtual reality

We would like to introduce our clients to creative means to their ends.

We have developed augmented reality projects to advertise brands, but also for museums and expositions, where innovation plays a highly relevant role in increasing the number of visitors and meeting the needs of different profiled people. We released a virtual reality extension of our Transmedia project called Alhambra Quest where we drag users into the dungeons of the legendary Alhambra castle.


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