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Oculus Rift


3D images that make an impact: Oculus Rift is a new device that will bring virtual reality to our homes.GREYMAN_MIX.00_00_11_07.Imagen fija002


The headset is composed by the glasses and a pair of headphones that immerse the player into the experiences and video games especially crafted for the device. Oculus Rift offers a complete field of vision and total immersion.

This device proves how much VR has grown in the past few years. Through the Oculus device, the player can experience the game’s virtual scene through his or her ears, eyes and physical response.

Oculus Rift works side by side with Microsoft’s Xbox One, allowing a realistic and undistorted image.

Although it is not out yet, but we are positive that it will change the way we experience video games for ever.

What sets us apart in Oculus Rift

We are working on the development of video games and apps specifically made for the Oculus device.

Greyman Studios’ goal is to connect people through real life experiences, either to enjoy a videogame or to promote the understanding of reality through virtual experiences.

Our extensive grounding on audiovisual projects and video games, in addition to our passion towards innovation, compelled us to get to work on the development of custom projects from the first time we had the chance to do so.

We work to take video games, movies, art and culture to new levels of immersion.


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