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Transmedia storytelling


Transmedia storytelling is the state of the way of telling your story. It allows you to use several different platforms or channels to reach your audience. Transmedia storytelling is not just going multiplatform with your story adapting it to the different channels. IT IS telling each different side of the same story by means of each separate channel, complementing each other and giving a full customization power and active role to the end user… Or shall we say player?

Alhambra Quest, Transmedia storytelling from Greyman Studios

The emergence of new technologies and devices such as smartphones and tablets have forced companies to change the way we communicate to our audience. Unidirectional communication has evolved into a converging one that engages the audience precisely through interaction.

Transmedia narrative attracts its consumer with a format that addresses its audience in order to complete its story, and allowing them to actively participate in it. Brands have seen a great opportunity in transmedia for its advertising value, as this strategy encourages the emotional connection with the user.

We need point out that transmedia narrative is accessible to every budget, from big enterprises to small businesses.

What sets Greyman Studios apart in Transmedia Storytelling

Greyman Studios is vastly experienced in developing for many different platforms, as well as storytelling. We are used to fragment stories to adapt them to every need.

As we are well acquainted with every different platform, we are able to adjust the story to whichever suits it best according to the client’s needs: web, animation, 3D, apps, video games…


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