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Types of transmedia


Out of the many types of transmedia storytelling, we have chosen the following:

Franchise transmedia: When a story is created mainly in one format (most commonly cinema or TV), and it is then extended into other formats that expand the main story and maybe even modify it via participation of the audience. Star Wars and Game of Thrones are some examples of this phenomenon, as their universes have been expanded into comics, novels, video games, etc.

Transmedia marketing: It is now at its highest, it promotes a product, service or brand by telling a story through different formats. Brands have discovered its ability to engage its consumers thanks to content marketing and turning consumers into “prosumers”. The audience produces content, shapes and personalizes the brand by locating individuals into its epicenter and making them its advocates.

Our project for Zombrains makes a good example for this:


types of transmedia in Greyman Studios

Native Transmedia: These are projects that were originally conceived as transmedia experiences. Native transmedia is more focused on telling its story than advertising a product. In any case, transmedia storytelling may be presented in multiple formats:

  • Apps
  • Podcasts
  • Blog
  • Comic
  • E-book
  • Physical or digital events
  • Games
  • Videos
  • QR codes
  • Feature and short films or series
  • Web pages


Works in transmedia