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Visual effects design and CGI


Our visual effects and CGI will bring your impossible and unreal ideas to life in the screen. We can create characters, backgrounds, situations and impossible realities, either because they are expensive to film in location or just because your ideas are to daring to exist!

Visual effects from Greyman Studios

Visual effects literally allow us to make magic. They have the ability of astonishing the audience and with them we can transport anything and anyone to different times and spaces.

Scientific visualisation helps the communication of researching and educational projects.

Nowadays, the techniques we rely on to do this job are plentiful. Digital techniques have become essential when making many of the audiovisual projects that are carried out these days, and they allow us to do a more precise job much faster.


Why our visual effects and CGI sets us apart 

In Greyman Studios, we make people forget about the real world and enthrall them by the magic of characters, backgrounds, situations and crafted realities.

Our experience, knowledge and techniques enable us to accomplish some virtually imperceptible visual effects. One single bad visual effects can disrupt the suspension of disbelief and take the viewer out of the experience.

We are a 100% involved in every one of our projects from the very beginning. In order to achieve our desired goals, we firmly believe in the dedicated participation of every person involved.

We produce visual FX for media such as feature films, television and commercials.

Museum shows - Greyman Studios for Baza Museum

The entertainment industry and the new technologies also have produced the need to adapt to a visitor that demands additional information, interactivity and the involvement of latest technological devices.

Museums and scientific institutions have found a great educational and social value in the latter, that allow them to present different expositive discourses that reach the different profiles of the visitors.

Apps, QR codes, audiovisual works, animation, VR… are only some of the resources based in technological advances that bring interactive experiences and multidirectional communication closer to museums.

In Greyman Studios we know how to tell stories and make the best out of the new technologies for these to reach the targeted audiences.

We have developed numerous museum projects from the initial stage. This way, we are able to suggest and develop the best suited pieces to catch the audience attention, seduce them and offer them didactic material adequate to their level of knowledge about the subject.


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