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Background in the entertainment industry

We are Greyman

Greyman Studios has a wide background in the entertainment industry. Our creativity, skills in entertainment and technology come together to bring to life a wide variety of productions:  transmedia experiences, video games, 3D animation feature films, short films, visual effects and more. Throughout the years, we have developed original projects as well as many different services for third parties.

Our background in the entertainment industry at Greyman StudiosWe are committed to innovation and we are thrilled to take on any technological challenge. Our team has a vast experience in the video game and audiovisual media industries, both inside and outside the Spanish borders.

Despite being a fairly young company, Greyman Studios has quickly become a landmark in the industry. Although we are mainly oriented towards offering services for third parties—such as 3D animation for commercials, custom games, gamification projects, etc. — we also develop our own projects, such as our prototype adventure game EJECT:PLAY.

We actively cooperate with the University of Granada, which includes cooperating with research networks and multiple industrial publications.

What sets our background in the entertainment industry

The traditional organisational structure as a pyramid changed, and right now the most important people are the ones interacting.

What distinguishes our team is our attitude, our aptitudes and our extensive professional trajectory.

I+D is one of our core values.

We are very experienced in transmedia storytelling, thanks to our familiarity with the fiction market through the development of video games, audiovisual production and virtual reality.

Our polished artwork.


We try to seduce our audience through storytelling. We use our background in the entertainment industry and the newest technologies to add value to a wide range of entertainment formats: audiovisual works, video games…


We aim to become a national referent in the independent production and development of transmedia content.


Environmental commitment: We limit the use of paper as well as any contaminant agents, and we make a sensible use of air conditioning.

Social commitment: We collaborate with sporting events and several ONGs.

Commitment to child protection: Experts assess the suitability of any childhood targeted content we develop.

We use free software, contribute with our results to the community and collaborate with the academic world.


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