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In-house productions

We are Greyman

We like our job, and we enjoy research and innovation. That’s why we collaborate with the JEI program.

Besides, we still feel like kids: we love animation and we love playing. Add that to our experience in the industry and our technological education, and you will understand why we are always eager to take on our own projects in the animation and video games sectors.

In 2015 we presented “Garbanzos con azúcar” (“Chickpeas with sugar“) a 22 award-winning documentary short film, and we started the development of two video games: “ZFiles: Infection”, an interactive comic story for different platforms, and “Alhambra Quest”, a portation of Whasigton Irving‘s stories to a transmedia storytelling through virtual reality.

EJECT:PLAY, 3D videogame – action and adventure

Z-File Infection, interactive comic

Alhambra Quest, a transmedia experience

Chickpeas with sugar, documentary short film.

Zombrains, a webseries featuring animation & video game expansion.


In-house productions