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Research, development and innovation

We are Greyman

Our R&D+i (Research, development and innovation) projects are crucial to stay up to the european and world market. Of course, in Spain, the production of digital content has found a niche and acquired a name both inside and outside of our country, giving visibility to a field that had been previously ignored. The great amount of talent and the high qualification of professionals are one of the key points for the growth of this industry in Spain, making it competitive when facing international markets.Research, development and innovation - Greyman Studios

Research, development and innovation is one of the basic values that set the daily basis of Greyman Studios. Our whole team shares an interest in technological advances. That allows us to get inside the market with innovative products using disruptive techniques.

We have been qualified as a JEI (in Spanish, it stands for Young Innovative Company) by AENOR, so we are aware that investing in research and development translates into new content and improvements in production.

Out of the many I+D projects we are carrying out, MocapRV: Real Time Motion Capture and Integration into VR devices are especially outstanding. Greyman Studios introduced the use of immersive devices at the 2015’s edition of Granada Gaming with Alhambra Quest VR, and the queue of people interested in trying it was more than an hour long. Nowadays, MocapRV is already being used in several animation projects by some film producers.

As the VR market emerges with new technologies such as the Oculus Rift headset, Greyman Studios has been working on virtual reality experiences, such as video games and custom apps, that will allow us to make the best out of these tools in the benefit of entertainment and education.

All this work on I+D is then taken into the development of transmedia experiences, one of the star services we offer. One good example would be Alhambra Quest, a web series which is completed through an app, the web site, QR codes and other channels.

Our R&D effort will continue to be a fundamental axis for our business. This is our way of getting into the market with innovative content that surprises and enthuses our audience.


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